Sunday, June 22, 2008

::love for gardenia::

as i opened the package, the delicious, creamy, beautiful scent of gardenia gently touched my aura. (...:laughs:... i am so terrible at writing beautifully.)
anyway, i've been eyeing this soap by adorationsoap for a while. the picture is great. it makes you want to grab the soap and eat it ;)
there was a YART sale going on on etsy and many soap crafters joined in to make my life a lot happier. adorationsoap was one of them so i used that as another excuse to buy more soaps, and finally got it. am very happy, i did.
i decide to use it as my hand soap. it makes the bathroom smell very nice. you walk up to the sink and you almost think there are real gardenias somewhere in there... 
it's chunky, it's creamy, it's heaven.

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K.C. said...

This blog is great but there hasn't been any new post since 2008 did u move ur blog somewhere else or just stop using it??