Tuesday, June 3, 2008

soap supply

i've been browsing through handmade soaps ferociously for the last couple of weeks. i've saved many of them to my favorite list waiting for the right moment to buy them. the :right moment: being, when my soap stash is down to 1 or 2. (i have to control myself. i don't have the space...). well, today i opened my :soap box: and i convinced myself i was running out of soaps (not necessarily down to 1 or 2, but still, very low on soap supply):

my convincing went to shambles when i was reminded of the :not so necessary: large amount of soaps i've been accumulating in the bathroom...

hey, i'm not that crazy, i don't leave them on the sink like that... this was set up for photo purposes only. it's usually in the shower, but the shower is under construction ;) and not picture worthy.

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